Long Marston Preschool Committee

The Organisation

Long Marston Preschool is a charitable organisation, which means that we operate on a not for profit basis. Day by day, our team of dedicated staff care and teach our children, and manage and implement the statutory requirements of the Early Year Foundation Stage. But they are supported by a Parent Committee, which meets on a monthly basis. The Committee looks after the business side of the pre-school, including payment of rent and wages, recruitment, and fundraising & social events for our members. The staff and parent committee work together to organise special events or trips for the children and social events for families and other carers.Both are overseen by the Trustees who are appointed responsible for the Charity.


Any family whose child attends the preschool is automatically a member of the Charity. As a member you are welcome to come to committee meetings and participate in the discussion and decision making. Members are also all entitled and encouraged to vote in the Annual General Meeting when the charity trustees are elected.


The present trustees are: Penny Johnson, Jocelyn Hynes, Sarah Hughes, Holly Pennett, Jess Taylor and Danielle Good.

The following people fulfil different roles as part of the Parent Committee:

Sarah Hughes Committee Chair
Danielle Good Treasurer
Jocelyn Hynes Secretary and OFSTED nominated person

Join the Committee

Being on the committee is a great way to be more involved in the preschool community that you child is part of. Meetings are friendly and informal. Some aspects of the committee’s work are essential for the successful operation of the preschool. Others provide an opportunity to get involved in social or fundraising activities. Whatever support you could provide will always be gratefully appreciated.

Remember – it is your child’s preschool and your ideas and opinions are valued. Please come and get involved. It is your child who will ultimately benefit.